1st Time        Monthly       Bi-weekly        Weekly

1 Bedroom/1 bath                      $80                 $70                  $60                   $50

2 Bedroom 1/bath                      $95                  $80                  $70                  $60

2 Bedroom/2 bath                     $125               $100                 $85                   $70

3 Bedroom /2-2.5 bath             $135                $110               $95                   $80

*Dust all furniture in living room and bedroom, hallways & front entry ways. *Sweep,Mop,Vacuum All Floors. *Dry Dust all window sills. *Empty Dishwasher/Load (we do not hand wash) . *Empty Trash in all rooms. *Microwave inside and out & wipe down outside of appliances. *Sanitize Counter tops. *Wipe down Stove Top. *Sanitize Bathroom Sink,Tub,Shower and Toilet inside and out. *Toilets detailed. *Change all bed sheets.(Please have a fresh set of sheets and the blanket or comforter of your choice laid out on each bed.) *Ceiling Fans (if not vaulted ceiling and can reach without a ladder) *All Bathroom mirrors. *Polish Stainless Steel Appliances. *Polish all faucets.

NOTE: Our cleaning services do not include hard scrubbing of water stains or mildew/limescale. If you need a heavier cleaning that will need to be priced differently for an additional cleaning package and charge.

You can pay for your 1st time cleaning here or email us for an invoice.  We also accept cash. No personal Checks

Choose your home size & clean.

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions. All sales final. No refunds. We require a 24 hour cancellation notice by email to bizzybeesllc@gmail.com or you will be charged the amount of service. Please make sure cleaners have access to your home for scheduled appointment or you will be charged for service if they arrive and cannot access property. Cleaning services guaranteed, if you are not satisfied please tell your cleaner before leaving your home. You have 12 hours to contact our company via email to discuss any issues with the cleaning if you are not there at end of service , our cleaners will retouch areas (at sole discretion of our office). Once this time has passed we are no longer responsible to guarantee the issue you may have. We cannot guarantee DUST free homes since dust settles once stirred up and does settle even after cleaning. We do not guarantee to get stains off of or out of any appliances/fixtures or carpet.Some fans that have had heavy dust may have stains that cannot be removed by us using a dust wand.

1 Bedroom/1 bath $ 50                                                      2 Bedroom/1 bath $65                                                 2 Bedroom/2 bath $70

3 Bedroom/2-2.5 bath $ 85

This cleaning is for homes that need a quick touch up service.  This service offers: sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces/ tub and or shower completely, vacuum/clean floors, light dusting wand to all rooms furniture and even take out the trash.  Valid within St. Pete, Seminole, Largo, Gulfport, Kenneth City, Pinellas Park, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island Beach, Tierra Verde. Single story only or elevator for this deal
 For a more detailed clean, please choose our general clean package.


 *We reserve the following rights if the area to be cleaned is different in size (area or number of rooms) or if the area to be cleaned would need more cleaning than what was represented in preparing the estimate: 1) not perform services; or 2) adjust the estimate to an amount appropriate based on the area to be cleaned and its condition.

We can also send you an invoice by email if interested . You can pay the invoice with a debit or credit card.


We offer flat rate services so their is no guesswork!

Please view our QUESTIONS PAGE before booking services to be sure you agree to our policies. Thank you!

We accept cash and all major credit cards . We can send a secure invoice to you or swipe your card at your cleaning.

Want a more customized cleaning session?  Need Spring cleaning? Create your own cleaning.

No problem, we can do that and give you a flat rate price. Just go to our contact page.

Add on services to any general cleaning package :

* Fridge inside + ($25) touch up & remove food  ($40) for moderate or heavy soiling

* Oven inside   + ($30) light soil or  ($45) for moderate -heavy soiling

* One Load of Laundry + ($10) wash , dry, fold

Need Vacant home (Move in or Move out) cleaning prices? Go to our Vacant Cleaning Page